Here you'll find useful information on the topics of the hackathon, from example software solutions to info texts:


Digital Health

World Government Summit Youtube - How is technology changing the healthcare sector?
This is a short and very informative video visualizing the trend of digitization in the medical field with diverse numbers on changing patient admissions, virtual health care, and others:

McKinsey & Company - Digitalisierung in deutschlands Krankenhäusern
This report offers an assessment by McKinsey of the opportunities offered by digitization in the medical sector. Among the main topics discussed are new possibilities, existing obstacles, approaches to solutions, and ultimately the enormous opportunity that digitization offers, especially in German hospitals.

Frankfurter Allgemeine, Uta Bittner - Neurochirurgie - Software fürs Gehirn
This offers a short insight about ongoing research in software development for medical devices like brain pacemakers.

Frankfurter Allgemeine, Nicola von Lutterotti - Wie sicher ist das kranke Herz vor Cyber- Attacken?
This article is about the danger of cyber attacks on patients and their pacemakers.    


App name / function: CodeCheck: Lebensmittel & Kosmetik Produkt Scanner
What: App
About the invention:
-    food & cosmetic product scanner
-    listing of ingredients
-    shows within seconds if product is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free
-    warning about ingredients such as palm oil, microplastics, nanoparticles, parabens, kerosenes

App name / function: Migräne App
What: App
About the invention:
-    helps you track your migraine
-    you can talk to other people affected
-    gives you information about the nearest migraine centers

App name / function: ASB App Erste Hilfe im Notfall
What: App
About the invention:
-    Shows you what to do in case of emergency
-    Provides information material
-    Leads you through the steps of first aid by using photos and language recordings

App name / function: Ottonova e-prescription
What: App
About the invention:
-    simplification of bureaucratic effort
-    digitalization of prescription issuance
-    environmental protection
-    optimization of medical treatment and processes such as taking medication
-    transparency
-    pilot project Gerda (server on which prescriptions and data are to be stored in encrypted form is currently being developed for this purpose: Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte (Gematik).

App name/ function: SAASPASS
What: Software
About the invention:
-    two factor authentication for Healthcare and Cloud-based Health Data
-    secure cloud pass f.e. medical purposes, secure patient data
-    securing data

App name / function: MyCareLink Heart Mobile App
What: App
About the invention:
-    for patients with Medtronic heart devices
-    Bluetooth wireless telemetry
-    send information and data to directly to clinic
-    use for remote monitoring of devices

App name / function: Digital vaccination certificate app
What: App
About the invention:
-    simple recording and verification of vaccination status
-    general digitalization of important bureaucratic processes
-    application is currently being developed by IBM, and Ubrich among others


App name / function: Carbon Health
What: App
About the invention:
-    digitization of medical processes
-    appointment scheduling
-    virtual patient consultations
-    prescription redemption
-    optimization of medical care
-    for patients and also doctors
-    simplification of processes
-    flexible access to X-Rays, prescriptions, personal data, delivery of medicines to the doorstep
-    shorter waiting times and flexible diagnosis via telemedicine
-    exclusive in the USA

App name / function: Corona Warning Buzzer
What: Key fob, alternative to App
About the invention:
-    key fob, similar to a smartwatch
-    similar principle as the Corona Warn App
-    for groups of people without smartphone (elderly and children)
-    via Bluetooth notifications: vibration/ ringing/ light signal
-    complementary to population groups with active Corona Warn app

App name / function: Luca App
What: App
About the invention:
-    tracking of Covid-19 contacts,
-    personalized app with analog counterpart (key fob)
-    enables check ins in e.g. museums etc.
-    register key fob and use it to check in at Luca locations
-    only health authorities have access to encrypted data
-    in case of infection: release of own history of the last 14 days for the health office
-    obtaining of check in's and contacting of those affected

App name / function: Sleepzy App
What: App
About the invention:
-    monitoring sleep stages to achieve the right time to gently wake up the user
-    improvement of deep sleep and recovery
-    additional functions like snore recorder, sleep diary


App name / function: iOS Health, Apple Health App
What: App
About the invention:
-    possible tracking of steps, weight journey and physical activity
-    certain medical data, such as blood groups, are manually stored by the user himself
-    in case of an accident First Aid can access stored data (allergies, blood group, pre-existing conditions, etc.)


App name / function: Freenome
What: AI
About the invention:
-    combination of simple blood tests and AI
-    detect cancer early and manage treatment more effectively

More ideas:

Press Release Coronavirus - Disinfection Robots: First EU disinfection robots arrive in hospitals

Nambaya Plattform - Optimize your training units and fitness

Environment and Climate

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - Digitalisierung: Infrastruktur und Umwelt
This article provides a broad overview of the opportunities, requirements and trends resulting from the digitalization of our everyday life and the resulting developments and their direct impact on our environment.

Youtube - Impact of Science and Technology to the Society (Education and Economy)
This video offers a brief presentation of the dynamic between technology, education and the labor market and the economy.


App name / function: Saisonkalender
What: App
About the invention:
-    shows you which sort of fruit, vegetables are available from regional area and which ones are imported
-    monthy-by-month overview of 100 different kinds of foods and their availability
-    customized favorites list

App name / function: Too Good To Go
What: App
About the invention:
-    reduces food waste
-    supermarkets, restaurants etc. offer the food they have not sold for a lower prize
-    buy a ticket via the app and pick your surprise food bag up

App name / function: Call a Bike
What: App
About the invention:
-    you can rent a bicycle spontaneously throughout the whole city
-    more than 70 cities and 16,000 bicycles

App name / function: Clean AI
What: Software / platform
About the invention:
-    detects hazardous particles and viruses in the air (f.e. in cars, trains, public transportation)
-    combination of AI and natural / applied science

App name / function: Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Systems (AI - DSS)
What: Software, AI
About the invention:
-    used for improving in high maintenance procedures
-    can be used in agriculture, medicine etc.
-    acts intuitively and helps in preventing mistakes

Fighting Desinformation

6 things we've learned from a year of misinformation about the coronavirus Covid-19 and Misinformation
This text presents a summary of factors that shaped and influenced the mass and spread of disinformation campaigns and fake news in a year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Forbes - Misinformation And Fake News Are Genuine Threats Not Marketing Buzzwords
This contribution by Kalev Leetaru offers a thorough dissection of the dynamics between society, misinformation and history, and the daunting danger that misinformation poses.

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - Dossier Desinformation
This website offers diverse articles on disinformation in general and more focused sections on the topic of disinformation campaigns and others as well.

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - Strategien der Europäischen Union gegen Desinformation
This article explicitly addresses the EU's strategic approach to disinformation campaigns in order to protect democracies and social solidarity.

European Commission - Shaping Europe's digital future - Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation
This final report of the high-level expert group launched by the European Commission in 2018 summarizes strategies and objectives for future best practices in dealing with fake news and disinformation campaigns. For example, it aims to ensure greater transparency, secure the diversity and sustainability of the European news media ecosystem, and explicitly encourage media structures and journalists to actively combat disinformation and more.

European Commission - Shaping Europe's digital future
Code of Practice on Disinformation

Mozilla Firefox Forward - Wie du Falschinformationen erkennst - und die wieder auf sie reinfällst
This blog post from Firefox Forward is part of Mozilla Firefox's campaign called Unfck the Internet. It offers tips and tricks on how to avoid and filter out fake news and also how anyone using the Internet can protect themselves from hidden tracking by other operators.

Chatham House - Is Technology Destroying Democracy?
This youtube link leads to a Chatham House discussion on the highly topical discourse on the role of technologies in our society, their influence on democracies, the potential danger they pose, their influence on official structures, the question of whether they can be beneficial or rather dangerous towards governments and their transparency.


App name / function: Bot Sentinel
What: App for Android and iOS, Software for Firefox and Chrome
About the invention:
-    automatically identifies inauthentic accounts and toxic Twitter troll
-    free non-partisan platform
-    uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify Twitter accounts, and then adds the accounts to a publicly available database that anyone can browse

App name / function: Harmony Square
What: Game
About the invention:
-    game about fake news
-    tries to expose the tactics and manipulation techniques that are used to mislead people, that try to build up a following, or exploit societal tensions for political purposes
-    the player is hired as Chief Disinformation Officer of the fictional small neighborhood Harmony Square

App name / function: BBC iReporter
What: Game
About the invention:
-    Interactive game to give you an idea of what it's like to be a journalist
-    Aimed to 11- to 18-year-olds
-    Click here for an additional article about the game


App name / function: FakerFact
What: AI tool called Walt
About the invention:
-    recognition of facts vs. manipulation of it
-    pure filtering of facts
-    detects fake news and offers an opinion / classification of articles
-    critically examines sources for their content, spelling, word choice, etc.

App name / function: Oigetit Fake News Filter
What: App
About the invention:
-    stopping the spread of disinformation
-    offers access to more news
-    algorithm compares and filters out fake news
-    the more data the faster the filtering process

App name / function: Logically App
What: App
About the invention:
-    collaboration between AI and people
-    containment of disinformation campaigns
-    combating the spread of fake news
-    specific articles are reviewed
-    creation of a short report / a short assessment on article
-    result can also be shared with friends
-    user becomes part of the fight against disinformation
-    if AI fails with report, fact checkers set themselves to search

Cyber Security

Marietje Schaake - The Lawless Realm, Countering the Real Cyberthreat
This article takes an in-depth look at the complexity associated with cybersecurity. Marietje Schaake analyzes issues surrounding cybersecurity and threats, such as the difficulty of detecting the misuse of new technologies due to a lack of transparency. Among other things, it is very problematic that usually only private companies or intelligence agencies have influence and insight into the nature of cyber espionage and co, while governments themselves and the individual often have little or no insight into privacy violations or tracking of cyber attacks. This article is suitable for anyone interested in the threat posed by new technologies and the Web on a global scale.

Stiftung Neue Verantwortung - Securing Democracy in Cyberspace -  An Approach to Protecting Data-Driven Elections
This detailed report by Dr. Sven Herpig and his colleagues offers a detailed approach to securing democracies on the Internet. With the focus on securing electoral processes by fighting disruptive disinformation campaigns and manipulation of the individual, this report covers strategies that are used to weaken democracies and possible strategies to counteract this.

PETRAS - IoT Security Foundation Conference 2020
On this website you can find the link to the IoT Security Foundation Conference 2020 where the latest challenges and opportunities in cyberspace were discussed.

IBM an introduction to AI - What is Artificial Intelligence?

The Daily Swig, John Leyden - Top hacks from Black Hat and DEF CON 2020
Read about the most dubious and shocking hack experiments of the Hacker Convention that took place in 2020.

MIT Technology Review - Experts Hack Teleoperated Surgical Robot
This article deals with the teleoperated surgical robot experts hacked and what this means for the advancement of technology in the medical field of surgery.


App name / function: Facebook Container
What: Add-on, application
About the invention:
-    protection against tracking
-    control what data is tracked and stored; influence / control personal Instagram feed and Facebook ads
-    protects against data storage by Facebook
-    limitation of Facebook tracking
-    additional recommendation to surf in private mode, block trackers and third-party cookies and use Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on
-    check out Mozillas Campaign Unfck the Internet

App name / function: MyCareLink Heart Mobile App
What: App
About the invention:
-    for patients with Medtronic heart devices
-    Bluetooth wireless telemetry
-    send information and data to directly to clinic
-    use for remote monitoring of devices

App name / function: Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Systems (AI - DSS)
What: Software, AI
About the invention:
-    used f.e. young type 1 diabetes patients
-    assisting in medical (high maintenance) procedures
-    intended so secure regular processes

App name / Function: IoT Inspector
What: Software
About the invention:
-    inspects IoT
-    software that checks devices etc with IoT for vulnerabilities
-    checks for International Security Standards as well

App name / Function: Intigriti
What: Ethical hacking and bug bounty platform
About the invention:
-    connects Europe's largest network of international ethical hackers and security researchers with organizations around the globe
-    enables businesses to effectively implement continuous security testing for numerous assets
-    for researchers, the Intigriti platform offers a way to get rewarded equally for their performance regardless of their location, gender, religious beliefs or educational background

App name / Function: Targeted Attack: The Game
What: Game
About the invention:
-    you are the CIO of a global organization on the verge of making the first release of a biometrically authenticated mobile payment app
-    you have to make the right choices to protect your project from competitors and lead your company and your team to a successful launch

App name / Function: Cyber Awareness Challenge
What: Game
About the invention:
-    training-style game designed by the military
-    a message from the year 2030 announced an urgent warning of past security incidents
-    it is your goal to prevent these events from occurring

App name / Function: SAASPASS
What: Software
About the invention:
-    two factor authentication for healthcare and cloud-based health data
-    secure cloud pass f.e. medical purposes, secure patient data

App name / Function: AI facial recognition software by John Hobart
What: Software
About the invention:
-    reunite refugee families with facial recognition
-    small portable camera that recognizes faces
-    locate missing people in refugee camps etc.